There are plenty of benefits to exercising early in the morning, as morning exercises can help you wake up easier, which makes it a good option for heavy sleepers. This weight-loss challenge can replace your morning dose of caffeine. When you finish performing this morning training routine, your body will continue burning calories at an enhanced rate. This means that you will burn calories even if you sit in an office all day!

One more benefit of morning workouts, is they can save your afternoon time! If you’ve already performed a morning workout routine, you don’t need to perform it after you come home in the evening. You are free to rest and do things you like.

This twenty-one-day fat-burning challenge provides you with short daily workouts for three weeks. You don’t need to spend your money to buy expensive equipment or a gym membership. All you need to have is a yoga mat and a gym timer app on your phone.

This training routine consists of fat-burning exercises such as burpees, inch worms, mountain climbers, squats, skaters and planks. During the first week, you should perform each exercise for thirty seconds and rest between exercises for fifteen seconds. Repeat the circle twice.

During the second week, you should perform each exercise for forty-five seconds and rest between exercises for fifteen seconds. Repeat the circle twice. And during the third week you should perform each exercise for fifty seconds and rest between exercises for ten seconds. Repeat the circle three times.


Scroll down to see the instructions in order to avoid injuries. It’s high time to stop making excuses and start sculpting your dream body! :

1. Burpees

Image result for Burpees GIF

2. Inch worms 

3. Mountain climbers

4. Squats 

Image result for Squats  GIF

5. Skaters 

Image result for Skaters WORKOUT GIF

6. Planks 

Image result for Planks WORKOUT GIF

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