Avoid Pain At Any Age and Stay Flexible With These 12 Everyday Stretches

Neck tension, lower back pain, muscle pain and sedentary lifestyle have become far too common in our modern pace of life. Whether it is wrist pain from typing at a PC, shoulder tension from being hunched at a desk for hours, sore muscles can make any movement painful and difficult.

Unfortunately, we take some creams and painkillers in order to get rid of the pain. We should be preventing in the first place. Instead of reacting to muscle pain.

Stretch 101

Stretching will help you move easier, energize your body and boost your blood flow. It also gets the stiffness out of muscles, prevents injuries and relieves stiff joints and muscles.

When it comes to stretching, here are Don’ts and Do’s


even if it feels good, do not stretch injured muscles

stretch in a rapid motions


Use topical magnesium oil to alleviate stiffness

Stretch chronically tight areas

Force your muscles to relax by holding stretches for 20-30 sec

Stitching after an exercise allows for the muscles to grow

Physical therapy and yoga are the best stretches!