Press These Points On Your Palm And Wait – The Results Will Amazed You

Pinky Finger

This point regulates the heart and small intestine. When feeling nervous, worried or insecure, your confidence may improve by pressing on this point. By pressing this point can also resolve issues with bones, heart problems, throat pain and bloating.

Base of the Thumb

By pressing this point you can solve your problem with a cough, respiratory distress. and also depressing this point can improve your thyroid function.

Center of Palm

This point regulates the stomach. Pressing on this spot will help you to alleviate abdominal pain or digestive distress.

Fleshy Part of Palm

The fleshy  part of palm is responsible for heart and endocrine function. This  point can help you to  regulate heart problems and balance out the hormones.

Exterior of Palm

Pressing this point can help you with appendix issues and it will also help you to control your sugar levels.