Turmeric Smoothie – So Tasty You Won’t Believe It Has One Of The Most Powerful Antioxidants In The World

Are you looking for a  smoothie recipe which is not only delicious, but also packed with with strong anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-cancerous properties. If yes, look no further!

This article offers a recipe which uses turmeric as key ingredient, a spice which is considered as one of the healthiest ingredients known to mankind and the most effective supplement in existence.

Even though turmeric has a quite bitter taste, this delicious recipe makes it even unnoticeable. When combined with ingredients like coconut milk, cinnamon, and mango, it creates a tasty, nutritious, and extremely healthy beverage!

Here are some of  turmeric`s top healing and therapeutic properties. Check them out!








Gas reducer


Fat metabolizer

Cholesterol reducer

Digestive aid

Skin tonic

Wound healer

Blood purifier

Here are some of turmeric`s top benefits:

Curcumin can destroy molecules known to play critical role in inflammation

Curcumin has potent antioxidant properties, neutralizing free radicals and then stimulating body`s own antioxidant enzymes

It increases BDNF levels, which notably boosts the growth of new neurons and fights off degenerative processes in the brain

It positively affects a few factors known to contribute to heart disease, such as improving the function of the endothelium

It both prevents and perhaps even treat cancer

Improves the pathological process of Alzheimer’s disease

Treats symptoms of arthritis

Relieves symptoms of depression ( it is as effective as prozac in alleviating these symptoms)

It may fight age-related diseases and even help delay aging

The turmeric powder, which is now easily accessible and found in any local health store or supermarket, is known as an effective folk remedy and it has been used for centuries to treat all types of diseases. It reduces cholesterol levels, it prevents inflammatory reactions, it provides anti-diabetic effects and many other. According to a study led by a group of researchers in Munich, turmeric has the ability to prevent the formation of metastases as well.

The gold-hued pigment in turmeric is called curcumin and it has become very popular recently, with studies extensively exploring all of its potential health benefits. As a matter of fact, most of turmeric`s benefits are attributed to its curcumin content.  Unfortunately, the curcumin content is very low in turmeric, it`s around 3 percent by weight, which means that sprinkling turmeric on your dishes is not enough to get the most of it. Luckily, this recipe is a good, simple, and delicious way of incorporating turmeric in your diet and reaping its benefits.

As mentioned in the very beginning, turmeric has a slightly bitter taste. However, by mixing with sweet fruits, its taste will be almost unnoticeable, so don`t worry about it all at. It is recommended to consume this smoothie on a daily basis.  After all, why wouldn’t you when it is so delicious and healthy?

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