Weight Watchers Weigh In Plus My Top 6 Tips for Success (Video)

Today I am sharing my weekly weigh in results, plus my top 6 tips for success on Weight Watchers. I originally called this my Top 6 Tips for Hacking Weight Watchers. I even say this several times in the video. What I meant by “hacking” is my tips and tricks for success.

Once I watched it back, I was afraid people would be confused by that word. There are a lot of sites out there that say they can teach you to do WW without paying. That was not my intent, and I did not want to confuse my audience. I pay for my online membership, and I believe it is well worth it! Just FYI.

Links to resources mentioned in today’s video:
1. My new digital food scale Amazon (affiliate) link: Click here…
2. My Pinterest . Follow me here: https://www.pinterest.com/wwpointsrecipes/
3. My Facebook page Weight Watchers Lifestyle: follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/weightlossdietcoaching/

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